Helping Industry Save Money

elentecBio is helping Industry to save money by making water treatment more efficient.


Coagulation is an essential step used across the globe for treatment of water and wastewater. Now, Electro-Coagulation (EC) will replace the role of chemicals used in traditional coagulation. EC has the same applications as chemical coagulation and ElentecEC technology has been successfully tested across processes ranging from phosphate removal in the automotive industry to copper elimination in the food and drink sector.

A Compact Footprint

The compact footprint and mobility of ElentecEC allows treatment to be taken to ‘points of production’, thus enabling significant savings in transportation (tankering) costs.

This is coupled with the massive reduction or elimination of bulk chemical usage and the infrastructure required to meet Health and Safety standards.

Applications and what the technology does:

As a replacement technology for typical chemical coagulation, the same range of applications apply. Below is a list of applications where Elentec EC has been tested.

Elentec EC technology has been applied over a range of industries including: Automotive, Anaerobic Digestion, Municipal Effluent, Aquaculture, Mining, Brewing, Metal Finishing, Dairy

  • Removes heavy metals from waste streams

  • Removes phosphate/phosphorus from effluent streams

  • Removes arsenic from contaminated groundwater

  • Reduces solids in waste streams

  • Removes contaminants from shipping/marine effluent

  • Treats process water for recycling

  • Treats waste from anaerobic digestion and other agricultural processes

  • Emergency and disaster recovery units