Elentec technology is reducing damage to the environment and recovering value and energy from waste

Elentec technology is reducing damage to the environment and recovering value and energy from waste


Clean Technology for Sustainable Treatment of Water

After extensive research Elentec has developed a robust range of water treatment equipment based on it’s electrocoagulation technology, ElentecEC, patent pending. It offers the prospect of water treatment using sustainable energy with reduced waste.

Research and development continues in related areas to create new opportunities in the future. These will include resource and energy recovery, capture of hydrogen and oxidation.


ElentecEC is especially efficient at removing metals, phosphates and solids from waste streams. Elentec will then use the most cost effective separation technology for complete treatment.


Experienced in removal of metals from mine water runoff. Elentec is also involved in recovery of critical raw materials from mine waste following treatment This is aided by the reduced sludge generated using ElentecEC.


ElentecEC is particularly suitable for treating effluent and input water for onshore fish farms. Elentec has recently completed development work demonstrating improvements in water chemistry and quality – ElentecEC competes effectively against competing systems and will soon be operating on a fish farm.


A strategic aim is to evolve from being a water treatment company towards becoming a resource recovery company. In working to recover nutrients (N, P) and water from agricultural ‘waste’, Elentec partnered with Harper Adams University to trial technology on treatment of ‘Digestate’ and farm slurry

Water Treatment Products

Elentec water treatment systems, see the range of equipment and find out more about latest developments. We can design and build bespoke systems to accommodate specific sizes or problems, including trailer or container mounted mobile units.



Elentec has adapted its systems for provision of drinking water from contaminated water sources and is applying to the DWI for approval. The system will be flexible and based on a combination of EC and forms of filtration operating using sustainable power sources.


News Updates

Elentec is involved in many new and exciting projects, you can check our news page for the latest updates on these. Our projects include water treatment, resource recovery, energy generation, operating using sustainable energy and more.


About Us

Elentec’s core technology is Electro-Coagulation (EC), now being recognised as a cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical water treatment. Elentec EC is a complete water treatment system including innovative separation, that can cover a wide range of flow rates and can be delivered in a standard container or as a mobile unit.

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